Anikan AS90 Composite Stick
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Anikan AS90 Composite Stick

Carbon = 90%
FiberGlass = 5%
Kevlar (Aramid)=5%

Color: Black and Red
Grip: Black

The AS90 features a middle bow with max bow location at about 300mm from the tow.

The weight is about 570 grams .

The balance point is at about 380 mm which gives the stick a balance feel.

Finish: 35.5" sticks have matte finish, 25mm middle bow

36.5" and 37.5" sticks have glossy shine finish with 24mm middle bow

Most Powerful Stick in Anikan line. 

Made in Pakistan.

  • Item #: ASSTKAS90
  • Manufacturer: Sialkot Sports
  • Condition: New

Anikan AS90 Composite Stick

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