GRAYS GR9000 Dynabow
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  • The Stick of Choice for National Team Captain, Lauren Crandall!
  • Graphene enhanced stick technology allows for greater core stability and improves feel and handling response
  • Abrasion Resistant Durazone: Helps reduce the effect of abrasive synthetic pitches on the heel of the stick
  • PrePreg Enhanced Zone: Strengthens and improves the performance of the low backhand area of the stick
  • Dynabow blade profile gives players the combination for high level tech skills, excellent energy transfer and good response when using drag flicking techniques
  • Available lengths: 35", 36", 37", 38"
  • Item #: ASGRYSGR9K
  • Manufacturer: Grays
  • Condition: New

GRAYS GR9000 Dynabow

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