Mazon Slingshot Field Hockey Stick
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The Ultimate Mazon drag flicking stick is back for 2014. The Slingshot has an X-Bow (FIH approved) designed for drag flicking without losing any control or trapping ability. The open MAXI head shape with TCZ helps to pick up the ball and provide perfect control. Includes RVS+, THZ, KDZ, & TS9. Used by Kookaburras superstar Kieran Govers.

Tech Talk

  • 24mm X-Bow
  • Maxi Head for improved trapping ability
  • Graphite/Glass Shaft & twin Kevlar core inserts
  • Traction Control Zone (TCZ) - gives ultimate control
  • Torsion Stability rating of 9 (TS9)
  • Tomahawk Zone (THZ) - improved area for tomahawk
  • Item #: MAZNSLGNSK
  • Manufacturer: Mazon
  • Condition: New

Mazon Slingshot Field Hockey Stick

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