Osaka 2 Series - Fancy Camo
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Your best buy in the mid price range, is our iconic 2 Series 50% carbon stick. This
season it comes in three irresistible camo prints. A stick both tough and stylish with
performing skills you expect from a high quality hockey stick. The bow shapes are even
more interesting. The black camo comes in proto bow, which makes it the perfect corner
stick. The green fancy camo comes in our popular low bow. For our daredevils we designed
a red camo with probow, if you dare to be different!


  • 50% Carbon Content
  • 36,5” / 37,5”
  • Low Bow : 200mm / 24mm
  • Superlight category
  • Pro Touch Grip - Pearl White
  • Authenticity Osaka hologram
  • Manufacturer: OSAKA
  • Condition: New

Osaka 2 Series - Fancy Camo

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