VOODOO DUTCH  Field Hockey Stick
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24.5mm Bow / Regular Head
Our regular profile incorporates a new lighter style, but maintains the mid-shaft 24.5mm bow and even balance. These are the key elements for developing and executing both open and reverse stick skills.

Maximum curve 24.5mm at 300mm with a Maxi Head Shape // Regular Shape :: Soft Touch :: Supa Light :: Double Kevlar :: Hyper Carbon :: Intelligent Resin

– Soft Touch: A custom sleeve of Twaron Aramide, which gives Voodoo sticks their incredible feel and control.
– Hyper Carbon: The latest innovation from the Voodoo product lab – a super powerful hyper carbon injection.
– Double Kevlar: A double layer of Twaron Aramide added to the hook of the stick,  which significantly reduces wear.
– Supa Light: Twin channel construction, custom lay-ups and ideal balance points give Voodoo sticks an extra light feel.
– Intelligent Resin: Another exclusive Voodoo innovation, giving our sticks unmatched feeling and control.

International Rating:

Power Range: 8+/10
Feel Range: 9/10

Sizes: 35.5”/36.5”/37.5″

  • Item #: ASVDDTCH2015
  • Manufacturer: Voodoo
  • Condition: New

VOODOO DUTCH Field Hockey Stick

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